Scale operations as business dictates

Trader Voice

Enabling traders to operate efficiently and confidently with ever changing market regulations. Focusing on Software as a Service rather than on proprietary hardware and capital deployment.
  • Innovation in pricing as well as technology – benchmarked lowest cost solution with CAPEX, OPEX and Turret as a Service options.

  • Scale trading operations – as business dictates; no waste of bandwidth and unused turrets.

  • Built-in business continuity and disaster recovery – backup turrets setup within minutes global line sharing enables other sites to provide business continuity.

  • Integrated Mifid II compliant voice recording – (uncompressed and channel per voice) available on desk and in cloud.

Trading room compliance

The complete voice trading solution.
Increasing regulatory and compliance requirements, mean all data needs to be captured and stored for further analysis. Voice and Data can be pulled together in a structured and transparent way to satisfy the growing global compliance demands.

Wealth Management

Replacing manual processes with the latest electronic whiteboard calling solution.
  • Improve ROI through efficient customer contact solution – 56 names visible at any one time, simple ‘click to dial’ efficiency. Store up to 3600 CRM contacts, simple upload capability.

  • Take your office with you – tablet sized.

  • Global delivery – full remote 24/7 maintenance and support.

  • Innovation in pricing as well as technology – benchmarked low-cost solution with CAPEX, OPEX and Voice as a Service options.

  • Integrated compliant voice recording – high resolution voice and recording on each channel available on tablet and in cloud.

  • Immediate playback – any misunderstanding can be instantly rectified, avoiding litigation costs.

Command and Control

Serving a diverse range of industry verticles with critical communication needs.
  • Multiple line visibility
  • 56 lines at a time
  • Instant playback
  • Reliability
  • High definition voice and recording
  • Call barging