Modern trading rooms have become more and more complex in recent years.

Decisions regarding what, where, when, how and with whom to trade are based on a wide variety of data sources. The incoming data flow of prices, news, analysis and other relevant information is constant. Trades can be executed in many different ways as traders communicate with their clients and counterparties via multiple channels, including dealerboard turrets, electronic order and execution management systems, instant messaging (IM) and chat platforms, mobile phones and tablets running various apps, and even e-mail.

To meet increasing regulatory and compliance requirements, all of this data needs to be captured and stored for further analysis, so that not only trades, but the events leading up to those trades, can be reconstructed on demand. Compliance teams and trading technologists therefore face increasingly complex challenges in making sure the relevant data can be pulled together in a structured and transparent way to satisfy the growing global compliance demands.

Watch the Telstra Trader Voice animation to find out more about our collaborative solution

Trade Reconstruction

Telstra Trader Voice – Addressing the industry demand for voice innovation, Telstra Trader Voice is transforming the way people think about, implement and manage the use of voice inside and outside the trading room.
Telstra, Insightful Technology and enepath discuss solving global compliance
Powered by enepath and focusing on software rather than hardware; and on services rather than on capital deployment. We enable effective voice trading communications from a single desk to a fully distributed global trading room.

Insightful Technology’s Soteria™ platform, offers the final vital piece of the technical jigsaw. Soteria’s latest software release allows enterprises to now compliantly store full multimedia content, via a cloud-based or on-site platform, including mobile and fixed line recordings, trading turret data, emails, IM, and social media correspondence. All data is pro-actively monitored and captured in real time for instant case reconstruction and e-discovery, meeting all regulatory requirements including MiFiD II and Dodd-Frank. Watch Insightful’s Soteria™ animation for more information.


Video & Financial Markets Insights Report

Video – Telstra, enepath and Insightful discuss new initiatives in Trading Room Compliance.

FMInsights Report – The Realization Group interviewed a panel of experts – Telstra’s Matthew Lempriere, enepath’s Huw Williams, Steve Garrood of Insightful Technology, Andrew Bowley of Nomura, Sam Tyfield of Vedder Price and Citihub’s Bob Mudhar – to assess the new initiatives being adopted in the area of compliance technology, and investigates how firms can best pull together all the necessary data they need for trade reconstruction under the new regulatory regimes.